Certified Teachers

Paul Cavel

Paul Cavel, Principal
Paul has taught Water method arts retreats and seminars for over 20 years. He is a soft tissue and injury therapist (ITEC Level 4)  and holds multiple qi gong, nei gong, tai chi, bagua and meditation certifications as a senior student of Master Bruce Frantzis. Paul offers one-day seminars and private training in Finsbury Park. See his complete course calendar and blog at www.paulcavel.com.

Email Paul / 07411 418 018


Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts, Certified Instructor
Jason has trained the Energy Arts System for more than a decade and holds multiple qi gong, tai chi and bagua certifications. He is a founding member of Sussex Health Arts in Crawley. He assists Paul in London seminars and seasonal retreats in Spain. www.elevationtaichi.co.uk

Email Jason / 07708 582771



Elena Moreno

Elena Moreno, Certified Instructor
Elena has trained tai chi for over 20 years and began teaching the Water method in 2011 with Paul’s encouragement. She’s a quick study and holds mutliple qi gong and tai chi certifications. Elena offers weekly classes and private training in London. Visit her blog, including tai chi book reviews, at www.taichi-motion.com.

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